The BB Bible: the Best of the Best

The Beyond Black Bible of the Best of the Best (2018)


Drawing on two decades of expertise in:

writing about all things ultra-high end
actively engaging those for whom quality is non-negotiable,

We have launched the yearly Beyond Black Bible of the Best of the Best, an art object of its own merit.

Packed with profiles of, and interviews with, the world’s leading influencers, the book features the ultimate, the most covetable, the unique and the most accomplished in several distinct categories.

Participation is by endorsement and invitation. Distribution is global, strictly and directly to the ‘1%’, and across our extensive network of corporate partners.


More than just a book: Who and what is Beyond Black


Beyond Black is part of a global media group that publishes BBeyond Magazine, the leading periodical for major philanthropists and art collectors.


We engage and interact with the individuals we profile in the magazine through a series of private gatherings in different parts of the world.

We offer direct introductions of the “money cannot buy” kind.

We invite participants in BBBB to the annual launch event.


Participation concept


Invited brands are offered up to 10 pages of space, allowing for free text and extensive imagery to place their product or service in the best possible light, in front of ultra-wealthy consumers.

Participants commit to pre-ordering a set number of copies, thereby guaranteeing exposure to everyone else in the book and their respective clients.

We guarantee the direct distribution of complimentary copies to everyone within our eco-system.



The Book


An ultra-large boxed edition, quarter-bound in leather and embossed with silver, this is a seriously collectible item and a very special gift that lasts for generations.

Each edition is a microcosm of the absolute best for its year of publication and a platform to showcase your success story.

Cost per copy is GBP£1000.