Plastic Surgery Publications

BBPublications in an imprint of a global media group and has been publishing books on elective treatments and plastic surgery for close to two decades.

We are a leader in editing complex medical/academic texts into accessible consumer features for the well-educated reader who does NOT rely solely on Internet research/SEO-optimised sites/consumer forums when considering plastic surgery.

We have worked with many of the best surgeons in the world (see full list below***) who have trusted us and continue to do so, and would endorse us unequivocally.

Our last title in the series, Dissecting the Facelift, was critically acclaimed by surgeons as well as the general public.


How are our books distributed?


We have the following distinct channels of distribution:

  • Across an opted-in database of subscribers which we have built over two decades of publishing the book series
  • To individuals we profile in our flagship magazine, BBeyond. These are global citizens/multiple home owners who are profiled as art collectors, philanthropists, ultra-successful entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Via retail outlets globally, including
  • Digitally, via our dedicated website, and via the KDP program (Kindle Direct Publishing)
  • Across our BBP eco-system, which includes everyone who has ever participated in a book in the BB series (the BB series focus on specific high end industries such as architecture, interior design, art, yachting, elective surgery, travel, finance, etc.)
  • To all participants in the current edition

The last point brings us to the single participation requirement (other than providing us with editable text and high res images)…


What are the conditions for participation?


We expect surgeons to support the publication by pre-ordering a small number of copies.

Participants in our publications have always understood the concept and  appreciated the effort and resources dedicated to producing,  distributing and marketing books of exceptional quality in terms of editorial, illustrations, design and overall presentation. Participating surgeons have additionally appreciated the fact that we promote hype-free plastic surgery in accessible language of utmost integrity (as opposed to reprinting glorified press releases drafted by PRs/lifestyle journalists with little or no knowledge of the intricacies of the procedures).

We coined the term “cross-distribution concept” when we launched the BBP imprint  two decades ago – what this means in practice is that we expect all participants to pre-order a small number of copies to display and/or offer to clients. This allows us to gift copies to participants in previous editions within our eco-system (see point 5) and at launch events we host. It means the books are visible in high value homes, hotels, resorts, offices, yachts, etc. globally and collected as a series.

The different editions have a cover price of between GBP£250 and £1000 (for a boxed special edition that profiles the best in different industries). They are leather-bound (or boxed editions as above) and represent a series of coffee table books that are highly collectible.

We engage our eco-system (book and magazine participants) via events, social media and a soon to be launched app which would allow greater connectivity globally.

Please contact us via caroline [at] to request a copy of our participation agreement.


***Surgeons who have contributed to our editions or published their own books through us***

Dr. Robert Goldwyn (d.)

Professor Ivo Pitanguy (d.)

Professor Yves-Gerard Illouz (d.)

Professor Daniel Marchac (d.)

Dr. James Stuzin

Dr. Rod H. Rohrich

Dr. Garth Fisher

Dr Alan Matarasso

Dr Daniel C. Baker

Dr. Claude Le Louarn

Dr. Timothy Marten

Dr. Bryan Mendelson

Dr. Vladimir Mitz

Dr. Renato Calabria

Dr. Adil Ceydeli

Dr. Des Fernandes

Dr Sebastien Garson MD

Dr Andrew Jacono MD FACS

Dr. Tomaz Nassif

Dr. Michel Pfulg

Dr Oscar Ramirez MD

Dr Malcom Paul MD FACS

Dr. Foad Nahai

Dr. Sherrell Aston

Dr. Sam Hamra

Dr. Steven Fagien

Dr. Raj Kanodia

Dr. Henry Mentz

Dr. Eric Auclair

Dr. Magnus Hober

Dr. Per Heden

Mr Barry M. Jones MS FRCS

Professor Pedro Vidal

Professor Juarez M. Avelar

Dr. Darina Krastinova

Dr. David Shafer

Professort Dan Reinstein

Dr. Dayana Garcia Alves

Dr. Ortiz Oscoy

Dr. Goin

Dr. de Benito

Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh

Dr. Ramsey Alsarraf

Dr. Jamil Asaria

Dr. Frank Muggenthaler

Dr. Robert Flowers

Dr. Grant Stevens

Dr. Adam Rubinstein

Sammy Sinno MD

Dr. Steven J. White

Dr. Jesus Benito-Ruiz

Professor Laurence Kirwan


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To discuss any aspect of the above in more detail, please contact us to arrange a call with Caroline Brand, our editor in chief. The form below is provided for convenience, but you may prefer to email Caroline directly via caroline [at]